With the onset of the new millennium, demands for new, advanced multimedia services and applications, such as ATM and Internet, are soaring all over the world. The on-going globalisation of the world's economy is placing an increasing pressure on telecommunications infrastructure and requires investors and operators to provide high-capacity and reliable international telecommunications facilities that can meet this ever-growing demand. The Black Sea Fibre Optic Cable System is jointly owned and operated by Armentel, BTC, CYTA, OTE, Rostelecom, Ukrtelecom and other minority investor parties. Ukrtelecom is the Technical Network Administrator and CYTA is the Commercial Network Administrator. Since its commercial operation in September 2001, the Black Sea Fibre Optic Cable System BSFOCS meets the imminent and future needs of the Black Sea region by providing high-quality cost-effective local connectivity, as well as extended connectivity with existing and planned global and regional networks. The System interconnects with other cable systems such as the Georgia-Russia cable system, KAFOS and ITUR, and extends via optical fibre terrestrial links to Greece and beyond to Cyprus, providing further access to destinations in Europe, Middle East, SE Asia and the US.